8 SaaS Marketing Strategies & Ideas To Grow Your Startup

by Brett Farmiloe in August 17th, 2021
7 SaaS Marketing Strategies & Ideas To Grow Your Startup

What is one SaaS marketing strategy or idea that you've found success with at your company?

To help small businesses with SaaS marketing strategies and business growth, we asked entrepreneurs and marketing experts this question for their best advice. From collaborating with influencers to creating an introductory video, there are several ideas that may help you with your SaaS marketing efforts for years to come. 

Here are eight tips for SaaS marketing strategies and insights on how to grow your startup: 

  • Send Promotional Emails
  • Collaborate with Influencers
  • Implement Retargeting Strategies
  • Address Customer Problems with Long-Tail Keywords
  • Time Email Campaigning Segments
  • Reward Customer Loyalty
  • Create an Introductory Video
  • Offer a Free Trial

Send Promotional Emails 

We’ve found email outreach and marketing to be effective for us in our company and business. Through these emails we are able to better promote demos, trials, or offering registrations for events. Using email marketing and campaigns does require a bit of strategy. Things we have to take into account are the fact that we don’t want to bombard customers with emails, but we can’t get lax with them either, and we want to make sure that the information is clear and any links are easy to follow and work as well. The email marketing would be ineffective otherwise. 

Giota Gavala, Comidor

Collaborate with Influencers

One of the best moves you can make is to build relationships with influencers in your industry. Start by following them, liking and sharing their content, and participating in any public discussions or online events they host. You can also include them in your blog posts and tag them on social media. Once you've built up a solid rapport, approach them about some type of collaboration, whether it be authoring a guest post for your blog or co-hosting a webinar or podcast. We have had some amazing success by collaborating with experts and influencers to create original content.

Jessica Wise, HelpSquad

Implement Retargeting Strategies 

Implementing a retargeting strategy has significantly increased our conversions over the last few months. It has proven to be a great way of re-engaging with potential leads that have left our website without taking the desired action. Our retargeting efforts have helped us achieve trust with leads, as well as familiarity and credibility. Since we began using retargeted ads, our conversion rates have increased 20%, and this to us is a great return on investment.

Gregory Rozdeba, Dundas Life

Address Customer Problems with Long-Tail Keywords

The most sustainable, long-term SaaS marketing strategy is to focus on long-tail keywords in an SEO campaign. Long-tail keywords are terms with low search volumes. These long-tail keywords are often around a specific need that target customers have, such as “how to sync ‘X’ with ’Y’” or “alternatives to ‘competitor’” or “transcribe mp3 to text.” By creating content that focuses on long-tail keywords, SaaS companies can build a predictable flow of inbound traffic and leads with a high likelihood of converting from prospect to customer.  

Brett Farmiloe, Markitors

Time Email Campaigning Segments 

If you have a blog or organic traffic, one thing we've had good success with is being super granular with your email marketing based on how a user interacts with your site. For example, it's really easy to segment users by stuff like the pages they visit or the blog categories they read. You can then use this data to send them super personalized content to help move them down the funnel towards purchase. A good example of this is sending case studies based on blog categories--using an email automation ensures the right piece of content arrives at the right time and can help increase the awareness of your product's benefits to that user's specific use case.

Quincy Smith, ESL Authority

Reward Customer Loyalty  

Airlines might have invented the frequent flyer programs but the SaaS companies have perfected them. Rewarding your most loyal customers (which should be identified by calculating the customers with the highest Customer Lifetime Value) is the best way to grow your SaaS revenue. Give your longest customers a reason to stick around other than a price decrease. A custom VIP experience, an invite to a corporate event, or just some swag goes a long way in ensuring your favorite customers feel the love from your company. Just like marriage, don't stop dating your customers. Keep giving them a reason to buy from you, even if they are on a subscription.

Layton Cox, Marketing Consultant

Create an Introductory Video 

I'm a big fan of what we call the PR video hustle. Everyone that has tried DIY PR has done the same thing -- you find a few journalists and spam out a message to get their attention. While this may have been the first time you sent a message, that journalist probably receives dozens if not hundreds of similar ones. Instead, you can record a custom video message for each journalist on your list. Your video doesn't have to be fancy -- record a message on your phone like, "Hi, I'm Michael from TeamBuilding, our mission is to help people all over the world love their work. Here is a new thing we are working on..." Your video and effort will stand out. This approach has landed our businesses in the New York Times, Washington Post and more.

Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

Offer a Free Trial  

We've found that the best way to get people to try our product is to give them a free trial. We've also found that the best way to get people to convert from a free trial to a paid customer is to have them use our product for 30 days. If your SaaS has a great onboarding process and low customer support levels, a free tail can work. If your team spends hours getting new customers up to speed, you will likely face more support that the conversation to paid subscriptions justifies.

Adam Garcia, The Stock Dork

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