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Leveraging content marketing leads to 10xing traffic

Saachi Pole, Growth & Marketing at AbstractOps, told us about how AstractOps used Unstack to leverage content marketing as one of their key organic growth channels.


AbstractOps exists to make entrepreneurship accessible to anyone. 

They are an early-stage company's 'operating system'. AbstractOps is a platform for standardizing and automating the HR, finance, and legal busywork that distracts CEOs and operators from focusing on building and selling a product.

What challenges/problems necessitated a change? 

Saachi told us that as an early stage startup they wanted to leverage content marketing as one of thier key organic growth channels. As they evaluated CMS products, the key things they looked for were: 

  • Ability to experiment quickly
  • Manage blog posts easily
  • Be SEO optimized (meta, page load, etc.)
  • Spin up landing pages without help from design / engineering
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What made Unstack stand out?

Saachi said not only did Unstack fit their four key criteria (outlined above), but they also found it more user-friendly than other products. A few things that were easier and more intuitive to use over other products were:

  • Having a centrally controlled design palette for their website, landing pages, and blog
  • Having a distinct blog component that can be managed and edited by multiple collaborators 
  • Being able to manage blog layout centrally - this was key as they began to experiment with CTAs on their blog
  • Ability to create custom components that can be plugged into different landing pages
  • Ability to A/B experiment on their website and landing pages
  • OOTB integration with Hubspot, our CRM
Abstract Ops Landing Page

Current results and next steps

Saachi told us Unstack has saved AbstractOps both money and time (and a ton of it), especially when it comes to using engineering and design resources to spin up landing pages or make small changes.

The growth team is able to use the CMS to its fullest extent without needing help from design/engineering. -Saachi Pole, Growth & Marketing at AbstractOps

This is where Saachi sees Unstack’s edge over other tools that may beat Unstack on customization and features. 

Ultimately, AbstractOps wants to be self-serve as a growth team and execute on their plan as fast as possible. The faster they experiment, the faster they learn, and the faster they can drive towards results.

The biggest success we’ve seen on Unstack is that we’ve 10xed our traffic in a year while seeing consistent high growth month on month! We’ve also enjoyed a healthy lead pipeline from our blog and landing pages. -Saachi Pole, Growth & Marketing at AbstractOps

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