Lesson 4:

Capturing Customer Info

This lesson digs into how you can create a better marketing strategy, based on site visitor data. We’ll focus on collecting and using site visitor information via Unstack integrations. With better information about the people visiting your landing pages and website, your team can focus on nurturing each audience member in the right way. This means more meaningful conversations with prospects and, ultimately, more sales.


No Marketing Tool is an Island

Let’s face it: most of us use a lot of tools at work. According to the tech-stack experts at Blissfully, the number of tools that we use to do our jobs is ever-increasing. A typical 100-person company uses 79 products, on average! One of the major reasons behind why we built Unstack is to simplify this stack. Rather than using 10 different products to build and test new landing pages, you can do it with Unstack.


Someday, maybe we’ll have features to suit a marketer’s every need, built directly into Unstack. But in the meantime, we want to support all the other products you use. With so many tools at our disposal, it’s more important than ever that they play nicely with one another. We’ve built integrations with some of the best-in-class tools to do exactly that.

HubSpot and Klaviyo integrations

From Wistia videos to Drift chatbots to HubSpot forms, we’ve got you covered with Unstack integrations. We focus on integrating with products that embody this spirit of “build and measure” mentality. And we make it easy to pass data between products, so that you always have access to the feedback loops you need to run a good experiment.

Turn Any Content into a Lead Generation Machine

Make sure you’re getting value out of every landing page you build. After all, the best marketers are always seeking more useful data and better leads. You can use our integrations to more easily reach these marketing goals.

Our HubSpot and Klaviyo integrations, in particular, unlock sophisticated functionality within the Unstack product. They let you drop a HubSpot or Klaviyo form on any Unstack landing page or piece of content. This means that any piece of content you create can be a lead generating machine!

HubSpot and Klaviyo integrations

Write a longform round-up of industry best practices, and offer a downloadable report at the end. Create a landing page with a Calendly to schedule sales demos. We’re always building and launching new integrations, so let us know if there’s a tool you’d like to see playing nicely with Unstack.

Tap into Valuable Visitor Data

Suddenly, with these integrations, the platform really starts coming to life. You get clearer info about the people who are coming to your site and how they behave. Rather than moving back and forth between Google Analytics and a handful of other tools, all your data lives in one place. Plus, the data flows bi-directionally, so that you can analyze your progress within Unstack or within HubSpot.

You’ll start gaining valuable insights about your audience members within the “Contacts” section of your account. This includes info on how they found you, which content they explored, and how many times they’ve visited your site, among other things. Armed with this data, your marketing team can build more targeted marketing campaigns.

A/B Test and Share What You Learn

Again, don’t forget to apply the “create and measure” mentality as you’re using Unstack’s integrations. Draft a few different versions of the microcopy around your forms. A/B test these different versions to see what’s most appealing to your audience.

Last, but not least, share the results of your A/B tests with everyone on your marketing team. When everyone has access to the results of an A/B test, everyone can apply these learnings to the work they’re doing. The rising tide of good data lifts all ships. We’ll get into Unstack’s team functionality more in the next lesson. In the meantime, take stock of the tools that your entire marketing uses, and start trying them out with Unstack.

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