How to Build and Manage a Board

by Carter Deken in April 28th, 2021

This week, VP of Sales and Marketing Zach Rego talks with George Kassabgi, an Angel Investor and Director, about when to build a board, how to manage yours effectively, and how to take advantage of this resource for your company. You can listen on  Apple or Spotify now.

George has been an Angel Investor for about a decade. He led the seed round for Insurify, and, more recently, he invested in Unstack. Kassabgi likes to get involved in the early "garage stage" of companies. He has a background in software technology, with 30 years in the business working with very large companies like BEA Systems.

George sometimes hears seed stage companies talk about building boards, which at that stage doesn't add a lot of value. Infant companies should just focus on nailing in the basics. You shouldn't try to build a board until institutional investors are in the picture post-seed round (Series A), in fact it's required.

Since you can't really fire investors, it's important to hire the one's you can be long-term business partners with. But what makes a good long-term business partner?

Listen to the podcast to find out more about this and even more knowledge and backstory. For more tips for starting and launching your business, be sure to subscribe to the podcast on Apple or Spotify today.

Connect with George on LinkedIn, and read his articles on Medium.

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