Business and Marketing Wisdom to Scale Your Agency

by Carter Deken August 31st, 2021

This week, VP of Sales and Marketing Zach Rego talks with Jarod Spiewak, Lead Strategist at Comet Fuel about the use of business and marketing knowledge when scaling agencies.

Jarod's background in entrepreneurship started when he was having trouble paying for college and needed to find a way to make money. He googled "how to make money online" and found a job that paid for less than a penny per word writing, but ultimately set him up with insight on the world of marketing.

While in school, Jarod started his first marketing job at 17 working for a corporate real estate company. He also offered his marketing skills on a freelance site called Upwork. After receiving a great offer that was double his hourly rate from a marketing agency, he quickly put in his two-week notice and started there. In this position he climbed his way to becoming the Lead SEO Strategist.

Still doing freelance work on the side to increase his skillset and knowledge, he went from working full-time to part-time at his main job and eventually started full-time freelance. This lead him to creating his own agency which launched in February 2018.

Tune into this weeks episode to hear more on Jarod's story and strategies he's used throughout his career to successfully scale his agency Comet Fuel.

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