How to Engage with Venture Capital Firms for Funding

by Carter Deken in March 31st, 2021

This week, VP of Sales and Marketing Zach Rego talks with Charlie Hipwood, president and CEO of MassVentures, about his journey to becoming an early stage venture investor, how to engage ventures for funding, and more. You can listen on  Apple or Spotify now.

In the episode, Charlie mentions his love for economics and how he transitioned from having a tech platform for realtors to invest in early stage ventures.

Charlie shares his approach to active investment, and how both he and his team get involved to help scale a company's growth at the earliest stage.

He also shares why he loves working with first-time founders, where he needs a company to have traction, and what kind of support he offers his investment companies.

Listen to the episode for the whole conversation. For more tips for starting and launching your business, be sure to subscribe to the podcast on Apple or Spotify today.

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