The Importance of a Content Marketing Strategy

by Jordan Paris October 7th, 2020

At Unstack, we're invested in helping businesses scale. That's why on Zero to a Million, we're focusing on early-stage companies and exploring the strategies they use to succeed. We're inviting founders, marketers, and advisors to share their experiences so that you can learn from them. Plus, because we're scaling Unstack, too, we'll share how these strategies work for us—including our successes and our failures.

In the second episode Unstack's Zero to a Million, CEO Grant Deken and VP of Sales & Marketing Zach Rego talk with Luke Thomas, the founder of Friday helps teams create more predictable communication, spend less time in meetings, and still understand everything that is going on even if you work from home.

Zach, Grant, and Luke about the identifying customer pain points, the importance of content marketing strategy, focusing on usage and engagement, and so much more.

Listen to whole conversation on Spotify or Apple today!



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