SEO Strategies from an SEO Vet

by Carter Deken August 4th, 2021

This week, VP of Sales and Marketing Zach Rego talks with Steve Wiideman, President of Wiideman Consulting Group, about strategies for marketing and SEO. You can listen on Apple or Spotify now.

Steve has been in the digital marketing industry for 22 years, starting as a webmaster building websites back in 1997. He needed to evolve his skills in order to keep up with the industry as a freelancer, so he decided to learn digital marketing. At the time SEO and Google weren't even available, so internet marketing was much more difficult. He learned from the pioneers of the industry to polish his skills and created a successful Ebook in 2005 that was used as a checklist for design and development.

From there, Wiideman picked up exciting positions for companies including Disney where he did his first SEO project.

Wanting to be closer to home, Steve started his own business that did consulting for agencies. In 2015 the business grew into Wiideman Consulting Group.

In this weeks episode, Wiideman shares his expert knowledge for SEO strategies and his personal experiences in the Digital Marketing industry. Check out Steve on the Unbottleneck Digital Marketing Solutions Podcast.

You can listen to Zero to a Million on Apple or Spotify now.

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