August Release Notes

by Grant Deken August 22nd, 2022

New editor header & publish button

We shipped a welcome experience refresh for the page editor header. The new header makes the publish button more prominent removing the need for a second publish button. The hope is that the prominence will make it even easier for you to publish pages.

Unstack University Help Panel

To help you make the most out of Unstack we pushed out the first version of a new help panel.

Page preview

Element properties

The team is working on adding Element properties to boxes and elements. This brings the full power of Component properties to individual elements within a component.

This functionality isn’t active on any of our components at the moment, but the Product and Media components will be some of the first to see improvements using these features.

Actions Menu

We made some small tweak to the actions functionality. Actions now show up in a floating menu.

actions menu

These are just some of the new features. You can see a list of every released feature by going to our Release Notes in the Help Center.


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