Unstack x Klaviyo Integration V3

The third edition of our Klaviyo integration focuses on a more connected customer journey, allowing you to deliver more personal and relevant experiences to shoppers that drive better outcomes for your brand. Already using Unstack? You can check your Klaviyo settings here.

What’s new in Klaviyo V3?

Automated Klaviyo events

When you enable Klaviyo, we now automatically start pushing key shopping events to your Klaviyo account. There’s no code-configuration required. These events include:

  1. Active on site
  2. Viewed product
  3. Added product to cart
  4. Started a checkout

On-site personalization

Adding the profile ID to tracking links in your email and SMS campaigns tells Unstack who’s visiting the page before it loads, allowing us to serve up a personalized experience specifically for that customer based on the rules you set in Unstack. The use cases for this are far-reaching, but some of our favorites include:

  • Loyalty experiences for your best customers
  • Conditional offers based on customer actions (not possible without metrics)
  • Conditional reviews and user-generated content based on customer persona
  • Showing higher or full-priced items for big spenders
  • Showing discounted/sale items for bargain shoppers
  • Much, much more. View our playbooks for more inspiration.

Conditional rules using Klaviyo Metrics and Segments

In addition to personalizing content based on the properties we know about a user, such as their favorite color or birthday, we can also set rules about what content to show a user based on actions they’ve taken (Metrics) or Segments that they actively belong to.

Conditional Content

For example, you probably have a segment called “Likely to purchase” in your Klaviyo account that users are automatically added to when they view lots of products on your store. Creating a conditional block that only appears for these users could display content aimed at common objections or anxieties they may have.

For example, you might remind the user that they are eligible for free shipping and that you offer free returns. Personalization is all about meeting your customer where they are at, and these types of rules help to improve their experience while increasing your bottom line.

What customers are saying:

I'm so glad I found Unstack! I wanted to test landing pages quickly without any coding or graphic design experience required. My first landing page already boosted my conversion rate by 250%. So excited to continue making more utilizing their template library. The team is also extremely helpful whenever I have any questions. Highly recommend! Joel Padron, CROSSNET

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