Zyndicate's Success Story with Unstack

by Chris Cardone in August 26th, 2020

Our Success team interviewed the team at Zyndicate, Filippo Fonseca and Mark Music, a pair of young entrepreneurs building an app to help organize your life into one simplified app. We asked about their usage of the Unstack platform, since they've had major success with us.

Zyndicate and Unstack
  • They saw a 200% increase in traffic
  • Simplified collaboration across their team
  • Streamlined iteration
  • Enabling the product team to focus on product
Zyndicate website


[Chris] What does Zyndicate exactly do?

[Filippo] So, our tagline is "the all-in-one platform to organize your life"

And, so, the huge problem we're trying to solve [with Zyndicate] is that 80% of information we keep, we never actually look back on and we realized through user research and personal experience in general that we end up using 10-to-15 different apps just to get our basic "life workflow" done and organize every aspect of our life

[Chris] Stepping back to Unstack, did you have a website previous to Unstack?

[Mark] Yeah, we did. The thing about Unstack that really helped us was that we are very busy people. And our team is full of work and, we didn't really have that much time to implement and invest in a website that would truly show what we're doing and, we know how important the landing page is

Especially for a software like Zyndicate and, in general, Unstack was really able to help us just really optimize that development workflow and, in general, get the landing page out there a lot quicker with a very nice design.

[Filippo] Exactly.

[Chris] Awesome; so, transitioning/migrating websites is not always the easiest thing. So, there's always a pain point What did you guys discover about your previous website host that made it pretty transparent that Unstack was a better move?

[Filippo] So, there's a couple things, first of all since we decided to code the first Iteration of our website it was a must longer and arduous process so, definitely the time constraint is a key factor for Unstack and, also, the ease of use and useability. For example, for the actual web-hosting we spent basically 2-3 hours on the phone with customer service trying to launch the actual website. And, with Unstack is was a seamless experience.

For us, it's the efficiency and what Unstack provides that sold it for us.

[Chris] So, of course, you guys have been on the platform for a bit. What was the experience starting up? I know you both come from technical roles.

Was there any learning curve or features you know about now and wish you knew about earlier?

[Filippo] So, I think, in general the entire layout of the dashboard you get so you have your: analytics and you have your actual pages and, the templates Unstack provides are really cool. And, the fact you can customize everything while maintaining a nice design. And, having everything functional with the buttons and header types.

The customizability is my favorite feature of Unstack

[Chris] What has been the most rewarding for you?

Because, I know, coming from a coded website, it's very hard to...

For us, we feel like we have to have degrees in SEO.

To truly help Unstackers, so, how do you feel [Unstack] has rewarded you in traffic? Since we always see, from coded websites to Unstack websites where our entire team works on SEO.

Has there been an obvious lift in [website] traffic? From that transition.

[Filippo] Yeah, for sure.

We've had actually, around a 200% increase in traffic to the landing page since we started using Unstack.

So, it's definitely really helped. And I love that you can monitor everything with analytics.

And, you know where your users are coming from and what they're doing on your website and, what pages they're visiting. So, that's really cool about Unstack and, what sold it for us. We've enjoyed it in the process too.

[Mark] Yeah, definitely.

Something I really enjoyed about using Unstack is that well, with a coded website: we depended on so many different things and softwares to keep it running. And, with Unstack, it's really all in one place. It made it way easier and more efficient to manage the website in general.

So that was the true selling point for us when it comes to Unstack.

[Chris] Especially where you are a team and, not just a solopreneur working on a project.

There's always that aspect of collaboration: how has it been coming from a coded website which is pretty hard because with code it's very hard to [remotely] collaborate on it together.

So, how has it been transitioning to an app like Unstack where you have those multiple users [and collaboration tools]

[Filippo] Yeah.

For us, the collaboration has been key.

For example, if we want to push an update to the "About Us" page...

I can just tell one of our engineers, I can do it, or I can ask Mark to do it.

It's really seamless and all of it is in our Unstack account with collaborators.

That streamlines it so we can focus on the actual development of our platform. Which requires a high level of maintenance and collaboration in the code aspect. So, we can streamline the landing page aspect that has been key for us.


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