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CROSSNET needed a landing page solution to boost its conversation rates and create a more personalized experience for its website visitors.


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Four square meets volleyball

Growing up together in the “Quiet Corner” of Connecticut, brothers Chris and Greg Meade, and their childhood friend, Mike Delpapa, constantly sought new activities to keep them busy. In 2017 they reunited as adults and invented CROSSNET after reminiscing on recess days playing four square. Since that moment, 4 years ago, they have built a successful business and now employ over 20 employees.



Needing an easy-to-use landing page builder

CROSSNET was looking for a landing page solution to boost its conversation rates and create a more personalized experience for its website visitors. With rising ad costs, it was more important than ever to make sure their landing pages were converting at a high rate.

After Chris Meade was on Unstack’s Zero to a Million podcast he discovered that Unstack offers stand-out features like simple A/B testing, personalized content to drive up store sales and AOV, and fast load times and knew it would be a good fit.


Discover what works for your audience

“Losing your mind over rising ad costs? Run landing page tests ASAP‼️ We nearly 3x’d our conversion rates by doing so with Unstack

Here are 3 reasons they work:

1. Personalize messaging to the audience you’re running ads to

2. Quickly split test various benefit points

3. Leverage social proof like testimonials & PR to backup your claims”

Joel Padron,, Director of Marketing, CROSSNET



Dynamic. Personalized. Scalable.

Chris decided the perfect way to utilize Unstack was to create a personalized landing page for parents and athletes. The framework for the landing page was created and the team worked to tweak the messaging and copy. The Unstack team was extremely responsive - answering questions, making suggestions, and providing help when needed. 

Personalization and dynamic page content played a huge role when creating these pages. The CROSSNET team was able to create one landing page but depending on who visited it, showcase copy and images toward a specific persona - parent or athlete. This made it so the page felt relevant to visitors with quotes, social proof, and images that showed so many people just like them had bought the product. 


I'm so glad I found Unstack! I wanted to test landing pages quickly without any coding or graphic design experience required. My first landing page already boosted my conversion rate by 250%. So excited to continue making more utilizing their template library. The team is also extremely helpful whenever I have any questions. Highly recommend!

Joel Padron, CROSSNET



Increasing conversions - building fast

The result? The CROSSNET team was able to increase conversion rates by 250% against their benchmark using Unstack. The tailored dynamic landing pages resonate better with multiple audiences and result in more sales and lower customer acquisition costs.

Carrying on with the momentum, CROSSNET is able to easily take the base winning page and spin up additional pages for new product launches, influencer campaigns, ad campaigns, and more.

Chris Meade Twitter Post

Build smarter. Grow faster.

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