a statement of the beliefs or aims which guide someone's actions.


We're looking for amazing people who share our values to come join our team. Send us an email at hello@unstack.app to connect.

Our values

  • Give first

    The best companies and leadership focus on helping others and creating value before asking for something in return. We want a culture of people who embrace this and pay it forward.

  • Live outside your comfort zone

    We grow by living outside the comfort zone. Approach unknowns as an opportunity to learn and grow. Lean on others who can help you get there and let others lean on you as they go through their own uncharted territory.

  • Better yourself and encourage others

    Make your personal growth and well-being a priority. Be authentic, honest, and direct with colleagues and customers. Encourage the behavior you want to see in others by modeling that behavior yourself.

    Do things that don’t come naturally to you and support others who challenge themselves in new ways. Build off of each other’s strengths. Everyone has their superpower — recognize others and they’ll recognize you.

  • Have fun & be human

    All work and no play makes Jill and Jack pretty dull. We love to have fun, celebrate the wins, and promote a work-life balance that lends itself to interesting, well-rounded people who add to our culture.

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