Easy to Execute Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimizations

This week’s episode of the Zero to a Million Podcast with Zach Rego features Drew Himel, Founder and CEO of PCR. He shares the genesis of his agency and the early days when they tried to serve any and all clients, and the eventual trimming down and focusing of their services.

He shares how they improve conversions through simple tweaks in the interface, especially taking into account mobile versus desktop, by making it more intuitive and easier for customers to add to cart.

Drew also shares his insights on subscription models and how sellers can put to rest customer concerns by making the option to unsubscribe easier, therefore making them stickier customers.


  • Being everything to everyone initially and focusing services after that 
  • Working with the Chargers move from San Diego to LA 
  • Red flags in clients to watch out for 
  • Improvements in UX/UI that increase conversion
  • Creating a customer journey and improving the subscription model


Drew: "What I typically recommend is, if you're starting out, maybe having the full service or having like one or two freelancers is a little bit easier so that they scale and grow. But, as you get more mature, I do think having the specialist help a lot, and that's for us too."

Drew: "Especially on mobile, we see this improved conversion by half a percent or a percent, I'm scrolling on my phone, I'm on the product page, just have the add to cart follow me along on that journey. Or have it follow the user on the journey on mobile."

Drew: "How do we think about subscription? How do we think about all the elements of benefits and things like that to be able to offer that community above and beyond just a little discount."

You can connect with Drew in the links below and listen to the full episode on Apple or Spotify today.



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