February 2022 Product Release Notes

Shopify free plan

We added a free plan in Shopify so merchants can create their first shoppable landing page on the house. Connect your Shopify store and start create a landing page for your email marketing, influencer, ad campaigns, and more!

Shopify free plan

Running a sale? Offering free shipping with a $50+ purchase? Let customers know! It's now super easy to add a banner component to any page.

Dark and light text toggle on boxes

Boxes now support their own light and dark background settings for text. Previously you could only set this setting on the section. Now you can do it on individual boxes.

Both sections and individual boxes have this setting. If it’s not set on a specific box, the box will inherit the setting from the section.

Light background and dark background

Setting the width of a form

If you only have a little bit of copy on a page you don't want a massive form next to it. The solution - we've now made it possible to set a custom width for a form.

All forms will use the style guide setting by default, but here's how you set up a custom width:

  1. In the admin portal, under Forms, open the form you want to change
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. Under Max Width, select Custom...
  4. Enter a number and save!
Form width

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