How to Follow Market Demand to Scale Online and in Stores

by Cassandra Highbridge November 3rd, 2021


This week’s episode of the Zero to a Million Podcast with Zach Rego features Melissa Tavss, Founder of Tipsy Scoop, a liquor-infused ice cream. Melissa shares the birth of her brand through a passion for ice cream.

She began experimenting with alcohol and fell in love with the vanilla bean and bourbon flavor. Tipsy Scoop started as a pushcart then quickly grew to be included in supermarkets. Melissa shares the fantastic growth they have experienced online and the steps her marketing and revenue teams keep up with demand.

Melissa shares that it was actually the push from social media which ushered in the creation of brick and mortar locations. Tipsy Scoop does heavy cross promotion to really make their different revenue streams work together.


00:38 Ice cream as a hobby and falling in love with the bourbon flavor

04:41 Tipsy Scoop revenue streams and growing online

08:37 Driving online traffic with promos 

11:11 Social media actually pushed for the creation of brick and mortar 

14:00 User-generated content, win-back programs & future offerings

18:45 Shipping as the biggest challenge 


01:24 "I started with just a little alcohol and then fell in love with that vanilla bean bourbon flavor where the bourbon really came through and just this idea that this was an alcohol-infused product or food that actually contained an alcohol content at the end."

06:34 "Know how to ship perishables because we were drop shipping through companies like Williams Sonoma and Goldbelly anyway. So that was a great option and something that has continued to grow and really be steady.

08:41 "The different four streams of revenue, they really lean on each other. So we were able to really drive home this message of direct to consumer shipping through our brick and mortar locations... a bunch of different tourist traffic."

15:39 "It's really important for us to kind of win people back by explaining to them the process of no, you can order the ice cream on this date if you want to get it on this date or have it shipped this way, if you need to save on this."

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