How to Scale Using Direct Mail with Michael Epstein

by Cassandra Highbridge January 12th, 2022


This week’s episode of the Zero to a Million Podcast with Zach Rego features Michael Epstein, CMO at PostPilot. In a clutter-filled world where brands compete intensely for attention, PostPilot leverages its strengths in direct mail to reach customers who actually want to receive mail from their favorite brands.

Michael also shares how they use other innovative ideas and technologies to make mail personalized and even attractive to open—a stark contrast to junk mail which automatically goes to the bin without ever being opened.



  • Several touch points make return customers more likely
  • Robotic handwritten cards as a marketing strategy
  • Leverage post-purchase campaigns


Michael: "Customers do buy more when there's a multitouch approach. They're more likely to come back, they're more likely to spend more, when you combine the power of your digital marketing campaigns and offline direct mail campaigns."

Michael: "We have robotic technology that literally holds a pen, holds a pen to paper, writes the card out in completely authentic handwriting... it sends an actual handwritten card with a handwritten envelope and a real stamp on it to that customer. And again, it's just a great way to cut through the clutter."

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