Hubspot Unstack Integration

Connect your Hubspot account with Unstack

  • Sync your contacts between Unstack and Hubspot
  • Sync your deals to see which content is driving sales
  • Easily add live forms to any of your content

"The Hubspot integration is like magic. I connected it and had instant access to my contacts, forms, and analytics, all inside of Unstack."

Contacts and Deals

Unstack will sync your Hubspot data to our system to deliver unique insights about your customers.

Drop forms anywhere

Connect once and then instant use your Hubspot forms anywhere in Unstack content with a single click

See which content makes $$$

Unstack will help you attribute revenue back to your content to understand which articles are attracting and closing prospects

Start using Hubspot and Unstack together

Unstack works seamlessly with the leading marketing tools to simplify the marketing stack and make it easy for teams to design, build, and measure ROI.

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