Creating your Case Study Directory

November 13th, 2019

Building out a directory of case studies is a highly effective way way of showcasing the effectiveness of your product and/or services while also building trust with prospects who are considering buying from you. It's also a very effective part of any content marketing strategy. In this tutorial we'll walk through how to get this set up.

Resources for getting started:

Step #1: setting up your case study directory structure

To get started we want to make sure we have the right pages and flow set up to maximize conversion rates as users visit your pages. We recommend the following:

  1. Landing page with a summary of the study and a form to capture leads
  2. When user submits form, redirect them to the full case study
  3. Create a full detail case study for the user
  4. Add all landing pages to your directory

URL Structure:

The following is a URL structure you can follow. You can adjust this based on your goals or specific needs.

  • Directory URL:
  • Landing Page URL:
  • Full Study:

Step #2: using Unstack templates to build your directory

To get started, we recommend using the following three templates.

  • Industry trends report template
  • Case study detail landing page
  • Case study directory landing page

Using Unstack forms for post form submit redirect

When you set up your landing pages and add a form you can select an option to redirect the user to a specific page. This is a great way to have the form redirect the user from the landing page to the full case study. At the same time, the lead will be added to your contacts and your team will be notified of the lead via email.

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