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Concierge Migrations

On eligible Unstack plans, our migration and success team will work collaboratively to get your website live within 14-days once you submit the required information!

Your Unstack representative has told you about what Unstack can do, you'd love to switch platforms to take advantage of all that Unstack offers but the work to migrate systems is keeping you from pulling the trigger. 

This is where our team comes in. We know switching platforms can be a daunting task, but with the Unstack concierge team we can help make it quick and painless. 

About Migrations

When it Begins

Once you have began your trial on an eligible plan, contact your Unstack representative or use the form below to request access.

We'll verify you're eligible then send you access to a long migrations form which will ask you all the questions our Migrations Specialists need to begin the setup of your wire-frame per the Customer Bill of Rights.

Am I Eligible

  • Businesses Yearly
  • Scale Suite Monthly
  • Scale Suite Yearly

Don't see your plan? Contact customer success for advice —

Common Questions

  • What will happen to my URLs?

    More specifically, this question is asking whether or not you'll have a lot of broken links due to your linking structure not transferring.

    No worries, our team will work with you to make sure you know how to properly setup your linking structure within Unstack to avoid having any broken links.

  • What about my content?

    Our team will move over your site's content within limits.

    • Maximum Transferred Pages: 10
    • Maximum Transferred Landing Pages: 5
    • Maximum Transferred Blogs: 15

    Don't fret if you have more! Our success team will walk you through how to transfer that on your own. After all, this is a one-off migration and our main goal is to educate you on the platform so you can quickly iterate and alter your pages. Thus, it's great practice!

  • When can I cancel my other subscription?

    We suggest keeping both subscriptions live until your site on Unstack is live and you've had your first call with Customer Success. After that, you're good to shut down the other site's subscription.

  • How long does migration take?

    This is a free process. Our designers work within our support and success team and help our amazing customers out by offering up their time. Currently, most migrations will complete, at maximum, ten business days from the submission of the second, more detailed form.

    Should you need things sooner, please reach out to customer success and we'll walk you through how to migrate your website yourself, then our designer can pop in and make suggestions if you're open to them!

  • What if I have more content? Can you help?

    Yes! If your site has more content than the allotted amount, let our team know. For an additional fee we can move all of your content over.

Customer Bill of Rights

Every customer who signs up for the Full plan on a yearly basis or the Full+ is granted one, complimentary migration. This migration will set them up with a wire-frame design of their website per the information they provide us. This wire-frame is not meant to be a finished site, the customer should invest time with our application and customer success team to explore the product and take your site to the finish line. Unstack will not design/redesign your site for you, however, we’ll be the helping hand that educates you on how to build your dream site within Unstack.

Unstack Concierge Migration Form

We're excited you've made the choice to move to Unstack! Our team will work with you to make the migration as seamless as possible. We just need a little bit of information to get this process started!