Dedicated influencer pages drive more brand sales.

Give your influencers dedicated shoppable pages to share with fans and drive more sales for your brand.


Bring influencers and fans directly into the shopping experience.

You’ve done the work to find great influencers with the perfect audience and great content. They post it live on Instagram and Tiktok, but then what?

Unstack’s influencer templates let you create on-site shopping experiences for each influencer to share with their fans. These highly relevant pages drive more engagement and sales and are the perfect destination for your whitelisted ad campaigns.

  • Dedicated onsite experience for fans to drive more sales
  • Custom promotions for influencer fans
  • Increased engagement and sales conversions
Unstack influencer template


Unstack is making it easy for me to spin up landing pages. The pre-built templates map to my needs and allow me to spin up high converting pages for a range of campaigns (paid, influencer, product launch, etc.). The in-app support is solid and helped me answer a couple of questions when I was getting my first page live. Def recommend if you're looking for landing pages.


 Get more revenue with these Unstack playbooks

Back In Stock Landers

Create better back in stock experiences for your best selling products to increase conversion rates.

Cart Abandonment

Give users a dedicated experience to finalize their shopping and get special offers that help seal the deal.

New Product Launch

Spin up pages for products before they go live to build momentum, capture leads, and pre-sell before it’s official.


Make your marketing campaigns more personal to delight customers and give them special offers.


Build your email and SMS lists with sweepstakes and giveaway campaigns.


Send customers to personalized shopping experiences to drive more sales from your existing customers.

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