Tailor your messaging to your audience

Use conditional content to create on-site personalization to drive more sales, engagement, and growth. 

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Increase your sales conversion rates and revenue per send

Instead of sending your customers to collections or product pages, send them to dedicated personalized landing pages.

Using custom landing pages puts your promotions and products all in one place, and allows you to provide targeted discount codes or premium priced products in front of customers based on their spending habits, driving higher conversion rates and order values.

  • Create loyalty experiences for your best customers
  • Create conditional offers based on customer actions
  • Showcase reviews and user-generated content based on customer persona
  • Show higher or full-priced items for big spenders
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"So far, I’ve had a great experience with this product. Just finished my first marketing landing page-this is a game-changer for creating specific pages for our various campaigns and users."

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 Get more revenue with these Unstack playbooks

Back In Stock Landers

Create better back in stock experiences for your best selling products to increase conversion rates.

Cart Abandonment

Give users a dedicated experience to finalize their shopping and get special offers that help seal the deal.

New Product Launch

Spin up pages for products before they go live to build momentum, capture leads, and pre-sell before it’s official.


Make your marketing campaigns more personal to delight customers and give them special offers.


Build your email and SMS lists with sweepstakes and giveaway campaigns.


Send customers to personalized shopping experiences to drive more sales from your existing customers.

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