Q1 Product Updates & Looking to Q2

24 New Templates

We’re been working hard on creating templates that provide great experiences to your customers, and we're excited to say we're now up to 24 templates for eCommerce!

Auto-publish to your storefront

We've made it super easy for your brand to publish content right on your existing Shopify storefront. No DNS or domain configuration is needed. This allows you to focus on building great content, getting your pages live, and getting more customers.

Component Properties

We're making our components more flexible with even more options as you build. In the toolbar, you'll now start seeing things like:

  • Layout
  • Alignment
  • Grids
  • Add ons to expand functionality

This will allow you to create better-looking content in a shorter amount of time.

Custom Components

Editor Improvement

We've also made tons of updates to the editor with new features like:

  • Strikethough text
  • Text alignment
  • Vertical alignment
  • Dark/light text toggle
  • Product images
Editor Improvements


We recently added a new section to our Shopify app to help customers onboard faster. We've brought all of our templates right into the app experience so it's easy for you to search through and spin up new pages in just a few clicks.

What's in Store for Q2?

Use case focused templates

We're working on creating 40 new use case driven templates for all your ad campaigns, email campaigns, and more. This way you'll have all the templates you need ready to go live in minutes.

Component Improvements

We're adding features and add ons to the toolbar to help you configure components exactly how you want. You'll be able to add things like custom pricing, countdowns, the ability to control if you have an add to cart button, and more.

We'll also be launching smart linking which allows you to take any piece of content or media and make it shoppable.

Smart Linking

This will help you get more out of your content by allowing you to focus on putting the right things in front of your customers.

Editor and Style Guide Improvements

We're adding more global layout options to give your more control on how your content looks across multiple devices.

Full Width Sites

Another update will be more support for headers. You'll be able to add up to 6 header options with more configurations options for styling like letter spacing, capitalization, etc to make your brand stand out for customers.


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