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Marketing Resources for B2B SaaS Startups

Through Unstack's webinar program, we bring on industry experts to share their best advice for different marketing practices. Below are lessons to aid you in improving your marketing mix.

Personal Branding 101

Experts: Sara & Bridget

Personal Branding 101, Finding Your Voice and Community

Sara and Bridget's best advice for discovering your personal brand and career growth.

Expert: Mark Shapiro

Product Marketing 101

A webinar on structuring product marketing, messaging, and strategy.

Branding and Positioning

Expert: Toni O'Berry

Branding and Positioning

Discovering and building on your competitive advantage.

Paid Facebook Ads

Expert: Kyle Barry

Paid Facebook Ads and A/B Tests

Building and optimizing high-preforming paid Facebook Ads.

Expert: Jibran Malek

Influencer marketing for B2B SaaS

Leveraging influencer marketing to drive interest, sales, and brand credibility.

Expert: Unstack

Open-sourced Go to Market Strategy for SaaS

Unstack's Open-sourced go-to-market strategy to help other companies build theirs.

Building a Referral Engine

Expert: Rewardful

Building a Referral Engine

How to build out a referral program in order to open referrals as a new revenue channel.

7 SEO Fixes for Better Blogs

Expert: Unstack

7 SEO Fixes for Better Blogs

How to optimize existing blog posts to improve their SEO rankings.

How to Convert More Visitors

Expert: Avochato

How to Convert More Visitors

Constructing a high-converting web funnel that pushes visitors to convert.


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