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Influencer Marketing for b2b startups ? 

Learn the inside tips and tactics to getting results from influencer marketing for you B2B startup. We've provided over an hour of video and step by step content to help you easily approach and test the influencer marketing channel for your business. Presented in partnership with Grapevine, one of the world's leading influencer platforms. They have run thousands of campaigns and will share what they've learned and how you can avoid the common mistakes around finding, engaging, and scaling influencer content.


Dive into the webinar (45m) ?

Presented by Jibran, the Director of Marketing at Grapevine Logic a leading influencer marketing platform.


Why Influencer Marketing?

Word-of-mouth will always be king and that is exactly what influencer marketing is at it's core.

Influencer marketing is in simple, the act of a trusted individual in a community sharing their advice or recommendations to their community.

  • Generate authentic content your customers and prospects will love
  • Create third party validation for your product and brand
  • Scale your message with paid ads using influencer cont
Why Influencer Marketing Matters for B2B

Ask Questions ?

In the beginning steps of figuring out who you could best pair with in the influencer world, you need to first understand your pain point, who it's for, and what your main persona is.

Furthermore, make sure it's clear and the influencer can communicate your message well.

Influencer Marketing Campaign Steps

Effective Brand Brief

Influencers will be the voice of your brand, however, you'll need to be specific about what exactly that brand is, this brief will also make it clearer as to who your best influencer is and is not.

Also, plan ahead - make sure you're not trying to get a one-week turn around. Influencers can sometimes plan content months in advance so you'll have to keep that timeline along with the brand-approval and video review process in mind.

Writing an effective brand brief

Influencer Discovery and Activation

Discovering Influencers

Finding the right influencer will be the best way to get good ROI from this campaign. However, it will require a good set of research.

First, use the right keywords, look for influencers already owning your market within the YouTube space and beyond.

Second, use a burner account. YouTube is an algorithm and if you fill it with the keywords you want to own, you'll find influencers the algorithm will suggest to people searching that.

Discovering B2B Influencers

Proven content formats for B2B

Keep in mind, influencer marketing is word-of-mouth, it's not simply an ad. So, the influencer should always be providing useful content for their viewers.

With that in mind, this shows that the best way to leverage an influencer video is through videos people discovering or researching your product would want (e.g., tutorial, review, comparison, and hacking).

Good Influencer Marketing Video

Offer a unique promotion

You've done all the work to get content in front of your audience. To seal the deal, offer a special promotion only available to views of that content to drive conversion rates.

Reducing this friction through good deals are key. Allowing them to get in the door for a low price will allow them to right away make the transaction.

Offer a Good Deal

The secret to Influencer marketing? Highly targeted influencer content at scale. ?

Repurposing Content

Content is king. Video content even more so! The secret to getting leverage from your influencer content is to break it up and user it everywhere. Be sure to get permission from the influencer.

  • Slice it into bits and share on social
  • Create it into ads
  • Put it on your website
  • Send it in an email
  • Show prospects about how people love your product in cold outreach
  • and so on...

So, don't stop a video at the YouTube upload, push it into other channels, mediums, and formats.

Reusing Content by Influencers

Metrics to Watch

Influencer marketing is more than awareness. Use the data to inform your strategy and double down on what works. Leveraging tools like Unstack's analytics, landing pages, and A/B testing will help your brand get significantly better results that if you wing it.

Create a unique landing page for each influencer to provide a seamless experience to users who click to learn more about your brand

Use UTM tracking parameters on your links to understand which influencer, which creative, and which source is getting results.

Influencer Marketing Metrics

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