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Paid Facebook Ads and A/B

Setting up your advertising for the most conversion through paid social strategy and A/B testing your ads.


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Presented by Kyle Barry, the owner and founder of KB Social an esteemed advertising agency.

Today's mindset behind online advertising. We no longer have to perfect a single ad and hope to find success. We now can test to find greatness.

Today's Advertising Mindset

Advertising has adapted as the technology and data available has evolved. No longer is one ad-set, perfect at the beginning.

Today, we use real-time data and advanced data collection to enhance, test, and compare our ad options.

Allowing for the long-term investment in successful ads to be more data-driven and analytical rather than best off emotion.

A/B testing is key component to success in marketing.

A/B Testing for Success

A/B testing is the ability to compare two variants of ads and post-click experiences, this allows for two things to be directly, statistically, compares to each other.

Then, after running the A/B test a successor based on the selected conversion goal will be presented, this will be the best matching variant for your ad's audience.

Example of testing too many variables

A/B gone W/R/O/N/G

“A mistake that some companies make is to start moving a bunch of levers around without clear planning upfront for what they're trying to optimize—and what will be impacted by those changes.” ― Dan Siroker, A/B Testing: The Most Powerful Way to Turn Clicks Into Customers

When running a test, it's critical to understand that you need to hold all other variable consistent, meaning, when you test multiple parts at the same time (in this example, video and copy) you won't be able to truly run an A/B test since they're now two completely different variants.

What do I A/B test? Audience, Graphics, Copy

What to A/B test?

In this order of important:

Audience - testing who you're displaying the ad to, their geographic location, and beyond.

Graphics - what visual content you're displaying to the ad viewer.

Copy - what text the ad viewer is reading.

Audience testing using Facebook Ads

Audience Testing

Finding out what cohort of people are most responsive to the ad will be key in constructing your best preforming ads. No matter how many copy changes you make the most influential piece will be those who are perceiving it and their level of interest in your offering.

This is why audience testing is the highest rung on the A/B testing funnel since it's a pillar for campaign success.

Tips for A/B Testing. A/B testing is not a one and done.  Begin by testing two entirely different ads / post-clicks then test different variables of the winning version. This produces, the best possible ad.

Tips for A/B Testings

“If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate. Thomas J. Watson, Former Chairman and CEO of IBM” ― Dan Siroker, A/B Testing: The Most Powerful Way to Turn Clicks Into Customers

A/B testing is not a one-off, continue to test-and-test, beginning first with audience working into graphics and solidifying with copy. This will produce a well-oiled, proven high-preforming ad set.

Quick Cheats for Facebook Advertising. Duplicating the best ad sets Coming up with new ads is hard and sometimes re-complicates an already complex process.   Use free tools to aid your efforts Tools like Canva, Calendly, and Mailchimp   Always test the post-click experience and optimize Using tools like Unstack you can quickly A/B test and iterate on new copy.

Quick Cheats for FB Advertising

  1. Cloning your best ad sets - rather than starting fresh, clone your best ad sets and work off the data they already have to configure a new, proven ad set.
  2. Use free tools - things like Canva, Calendly, and MailChimp can level up your advertising through graphics, quick scheduling, and automated follow-ups.
  3. Always test post-click - once you get someone to click an ad, only 50% of the work is done, they still have to convert on the page they landed on. So, optimizing and re-optimizing the post-click too is essential.
Advanced Facebook Tips. When you should use campaign budget optimization Only on campaigns that you are not doing initial tests on.    What you should be testing in each part of your funnel Cold traffic (Top of funnel) - Test different types of customers. Warm traffic (mid funnel) - test graphics and text at specific KPI per test.  Hot traffic (bottom of funnel) - test offers    What part of your ads are working High engagement/low conversion - good graphic bad copy Low engagement/high conversion - bad graphic good copy

Advanced Facebook Ad Tips

When testing your initial, budget optimization slows the ability to run good testing since it doesn't yet know who to target.

What to test is different in each part of the funnel.

You can tell what part of an ad is broken by reviewing this;

  • High engagement / low conversion: bad copy
  • Low engagement / high conversion: bad graphic
Key Takeaways for Facebook Advertising. Use your test results to improve your website, landing pages, and other platforms   Make sure you have the Facebook pixel installed so you can track every customer and they overall value.   Understanding your customer and how to best connect with them - A/B testing will only help you find success if you understand the customer your talking to.

Key Takeaways for Facebook Ads

Use your test results to influence your brand copy, not just ads.

Make sure your tracking pixel is installed, even if you're not running ads.

Understanding how you can best connect with customers can be done by analyzing the winning copy and what it's overall message is.

Key Takeaways for A/B Testing. Understand your KPI (key performance indicators). These are the numbers that will decide which test was successful and what aspects of your business you should be testing.   The point of A/B testing is to increase overall sales. Make sure your new test is bringing the better results in your business, not just online.   Ability to understand the copy that your customers engage with the most and optimize around that.

A/B Testing Takeaways

Understand your KPI and how they can be measured for testing - without these the data of these tests won't be relevant to your business goals.

A/B testing's focus is improving your bottom-line and outcome. Make sure your looking deeper than just the ad's click-rate and into the test's overall on-site conversion rate.

Always review what copy is winning and question why. Also, ask yourself if the post-click copy backs that or is different.


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