Unstack's Product Roadmap

Follow along as we build tools for teams to create and scale incredible digital businesses.

Q3 development

Shipped! Shopify MVP ✅

Shipped! Launch the Shopify beta program

Shipped! Better support for managing multiple sites with Unstack

Shipped! Support for transparent headers.

Shipped! Better in-app onboarding ✅

Shipped! Data-driven content -Automatically generate pages with a custom database - now available to customers upon request

In progress. Prepare app for approval in Shopify app store 🏃‍♂️

Q4 planned

Better in-app onboarding for Shopify customers

Conditional content for personalization and A/B tests

Improved Admin navigation

Full-width headers and footers

More Shopify-enabled themes & landing page templates

Blog widgets for Shopify products

Better e-commerce components

A/B testing improvements

Typekit integration

2022 & beyond

Launch on Shopify app store

Custom storefront development

Site popups for forms & exit intents

And much more!

Join the Shopify beta to see how Unstack is removing the headaches from headless

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