Unstack's Product Roadmap

Follow along with us as we build the tools and ecosystem teams need to create and scale incredible digital businesses.

In development

Shipped! Multi-factor authentication

Shipped! Custom Component builder 1.0

Shipped! Default to SVGs for Icons8 integration

Shipped! Support coupon codes for payment forms

Shipped! Dynamic table of contents generation on blog posts

Shipped! Form embeds in blog content

Website speed optimizations

Default currency selection for payments

Global footer call to action on blog articles

Multiple site support

Zapier 2.0 w/ form select and custom fields

50+ new components and prebuilt components

Planned Q2'21

Roll back options and version management

Forms 2.0 - Dedicated builder/manager

Visual image editing/styling

Customizable marketing dashboards

Page level A/B testing

Components V3 - Custom headers and Footers

Content personalization

Agency partner accounts

Registered user account and subscription settings

Tracking analytics and attribution enhancements

Planned Q3'21

Database driven content

Components V4 - Layouts for dynamic content

Customer segments

Sendgrid integration

SEO analysis and recommendations

Salesforce API integration

Planned Q4'21

Components and content Marketplace

Public Unstack API

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