Scaling Email Marketing and Preparing for iOS15

by Cassandra Highbridge October 27th, 2021


This week’s episode of the Zero to a Million Podcast with Zach Rego features Phillip Rivers, Founder and CEO of Tetra Marketing. Email marketing is critical to capture leads and create buyer personas for segmentation. It does not have to perfect and smaller companies should not shy away from starting this practice.

Phillip also comments on the iOS changes to data tracking and mentions some metrics that can still be used to track the effectiveness of campaigns. That being said, companies still need to adapt to the changes. 

Stores that have revenues under 1 million should focus on how to convert more leads efficiently and look at repurchase rate to make one-time customers into a two-time or even repeat customer.


00:31 Phillip's success in ecommerce and focus on email marketing

05:30 Capture leads for insights into segmentation and core personas

09:19 Speak differently to leads and customers

10:30 iOS 15 updates: Metrics to look for are click rate and purchases   

16:11 First party data for optimization and re-engaging users

24:25 Optimism on the near future of email, SMS, and Tiktok

28:09 Upcoming iOS 15 changes 


03:25 "The way that I look at email and SMS is it's a modality for us to communicate with humans that are ultimately we want them to buy something. Insert whatever thing is. It could be in a shopping cart. It could be they buy something over the phone."

06:07 "The smaller stores, I would say like under a mil a year in sales, all the avatar exercises are all well and good, but at the end of the day, fundamentally, it's what they need is very simple; they need to capture leads efficiently from all their paid and organic channels."

17:37 "If we send a campaign every week, at what point after we've sent X amount to someone, do we say that this person probably is not interested in what we have to say or sell anymore?"

21:00 "If we have amassed so many one-time customers that aren't becoming two-time customers, how do we unlock that? How do we unlock that customer journey and extract all of that opportunity that's literally hiding underneath the surface."

29:40 "We just have to adapt to the new playing field. This happened with Facebook before, but again, you're not not going to advertise on Facebook because of Apple."

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