Scaling Your eCommerce Brand with Content and Podcast Partnerships

by Cassandra Highbridge December 1st, 2021

This week’s episode of the Zero to a Million Podcast with Zach Rego features David Roger, Co-Founder & CEO at Felix Gray. Blue light glasses address a very particular need which has been blowing up in recent years.

David discovered this need for himself and, seeing how many of his peers complain of the same problem with strained eyes and headaches, saw the potential for a business to address this space.

He shares how they went through their product development phases and the central importance of science and research-backed data. When 9 out of 10 respondents said there was a marked improvement after using Felix Gray glasses, they knew they had a winner.

David shares how they started their acquisition through Facebook ads and how they started content collaboration via podcasting.

There are a few unique characteristics with using podcasts as a marketing tool, including the fact that 30 second ad reads can extend much longer than that and put into context by the podcast hosts.



00:48 The genesis of Felix Gray by answering a consumer need

04:41 Product development process: Hard work puts you in a position to get lucky

07:01 Committing to thoughtfully-designed and research-backed designs 

10:50 Content collaboration: Podcasts extend ad reads to good effect

15:58 Setting up attribution and collecting data: How did you hear about us survey

19:10 Working closely with an agency for effective podcast ad reads

22:17 More distribution channels and creating a digital wellness suite 

27:45 Tips for effective go to market strategies

30:26 Connect with David and Felix Gray


03:46 "If we can call out the problem by name and provide a solution that works and makes people, not only their eyes, feel good, it makes them feel good because they're wearing something that looks great, we can have a real business here."

05:24 "At the end of the day, it's just hard work and being really resourceful and having amazing people that help you along that journey early on when you are really not knowledgeable."

05:37 "I think that hard work puts you in the position to get lucky and being a good person and being good natured and being a good partner puts you in a position to get lucky."

12:48 "Having someone that takes what's supposed to be a 30 second ad read and turns it into two and a half minute ad read because they talk about their own story and they're joking about it, that becomes really big."

18:21 "Especially if you're early, you can't just have brand awareness campaigns. You need to pay for performance. You don't have the cash flows to say, hey, in six months I get the customer, unless like your LTVs or margins or your AOV is insane."

You can connect with David in the links below:

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