Shopify for Unstack

Frequently asked questions

  • How is Unstack different from Online Store?

    Unstack compliments Online Store. Merchants can connect their Shopify accounts to Unstack in order to rapidly build shoppable landing pages without code. These pages are blazing fast and designed to convert sales. In addition to speed and ease of use, you'll also be able to A/B test and personalize your content to deliver the best possible experiences to customers.

  • What eCommerce platforms does Unstack work with?

    Unstack is currently integrated with Shopify.

  • Will my Shopify integrations work?

    Unstack works with and supports a number of Shopify integrations and directly integrates with many of the top Shopify apps you use, such as Klaviyo, Privy, and others.

  • Does Unstack create Shopify pages when I publish?

    No. Unstack build and hosts the content you create on our lightning fast content network to give you sub-second load times.

  • Can I push content to my custom domain?

    Yes. Unstack allows you to set up a custom domain where you can push content. You can push content to a sub domain such as, or host your whole storefront. We also provide automatic SSL support.

  • How much does it cost?

    We currently offer a Commerce Essentials plan which is $99/mo. Billing is monthly, handled through Shopify, and you can cancel any time.

  • Does unstack handle checkout?

    Unstack leverages Shopify's PCI compliant checkout flow for all transactions to give your customers a familiar, secure, and high performance checkout experience.

  • Do you support Typekit?

    Yes, we have a Typekit integration that allows you to add your kit ID and enable the fonts you use. We also support Google Fonts.

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