2021 Report

We wanted to know how startups run their marketing and how they’re growing their business—so we asked them. We reached out to our audience, startup communities, and founders to take part in a survey and share details on marketing budgets, successful strategies, challenges, and more.

Now, we're sharing that data with you in our startup marketing report.

Who we surveyed

What we asked

Which marketing channel is most important to your business?

What marketing channel was #1 in driving growth?

How are you measuring the success of your SEO efforts?

How much of your marketing efforts are dedicated to digital?

How are you creating content?

How would you rate the results of your 2020 marketing efforts?

See how you compare

Our Startup Marketing Trends 2021 Report is here. Download to learn:

  • Which marketing channels are most important
  • Which channel was the #1 driver of growth
  • Which do startups think are the bigger growth drivers for 2021
  • How startups are measuring the success of SEO efforts
  • And so much more...
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