The Biggest Mistake that Startups Make Today, and How to Fix It

by Jordan Paris October 14th, 2020

In episode three of Unstack's Zero to a Million, CEO Grant Deken and VP of Sales & Marketing Zach Rego talk with Elizabeth Yin.

Elizabeth is a co-founder and general partner at Hustle Fund, a pre-seed fund for software entrepreneurs. Previously, she was a partner at 500 Startups where she invested in seed stage companies and ran the Mountain View accelerator. In a prior life, Elizabeth co-founded and ran an adtech company called LaunchBit (acquired in 2014). Elizabeth has a BSEE from Stanford and an MBA from MIT Sloan.

Elizabeth has reviewed over 20k startup pitches from around the world in the last few years and has helped numerous portfolio founders raise hundreds of millions of dollars. Her work and writing on startup fundraising has been featured in numerous publications including TechCrunch, Forbes, Huffington Post, BetaKit, and more.

Elizabeth shares her experiences as a founder and a venture capitalist with Grant and Zach. They talk about setting up your business pre-launch, dealing with customer churn, revenue-based financing, and so much more—including the biggest mistake she sees startups making today and how to fix it now.

Connect with Elizabeth: LinkedIn | Twitter | Blog | Hustle Fund

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