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Exclusive: mastering product marketing for B2B SaaS companies

Product Marketing 101

This workshop is for founders, marketers, and developers. Plus, if you're wearing multiple hats you should definitely attend this!  

Product marketing impacts how you build, sell, and market your product. Additionally, it impacts the bottom-line revenue. Thus, understanding the role of product marketing is critical.

June 11th at 1 PM EST

What is Product Marketing and why should you care? 

The role of product marketing is not well understood, and a majority of technology companies don't know what product marketing is or how it's different from marketing, growth marketing, digital marketing, brand marketing and product management.

As a result, many startup teams lack expertise in this area and fail to bring in product marketers with the right skill sets at the right time and end up paying for it with failed businesses.

In a nutshell, the role of product marketing is to deliver the right product to the right buyer at the right time to ensure adoption. And, when you dig deeper into what product marketers do then look at the top 10 reasons startups fail, a case is made that product marketing can influence each of them. Therefore, getting this right early-on is critical to establishing the foundation for growth and success.

 After almost 20 years in technology, I'm floored at how little attention is paid to product marketing, especially in startups where it can have such a huge impact. In most companies I talk to, product marketing is often misunderstood or delegated to someone who really doesn’t know what they’re doing.-That's why I'm excited to be working with Unstack to provide some much-needed insights  

Mark Shapiro

CEO, Agile Product Marketing Group

Why does product marketing matter? Because in a startup the margin for error is pretty thin, If you can't establish product/market fit, your product doesn't solve a pressing need, buyers don't understand how it does that and you, don't have a good understanding of who your target audience is and how to describe them- you're in big trouble. Good luck getting funding and growing your business.  

Grant Deken


flat lay photo

During this webinar you'll learn...

  • What product marketing is
  • Why it’s so important (especially for SaaS companies)
  • Who’s responsible for it
  • What a product marketing strategy involves
  • How product marketing drives growth
  • And some real-world examples of product marketing

Meet the Hosts

Mark Shapiro

Keynote Speaker

Chief Engagement Officer, APMG

Grant Deken

Introducer and Co-Speaker

CEO, Unstack

Chris Cardone


Customer Success Lead, Unstack

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