Exclusive: micro-influencer marketing for B2B businesses

How B2B Brands Can Nail Influencer Marketing

This workshop is targeted at B2B brands looking to grow their marketing strategy into the influencer space. Looking into how you can successfully find your target audience via the catalyst of an influencer.

May 5th at 11 AM EST

We're bringing in influencer marketing expert Jibran Malek, Director of Marketing at Grapevine to discuss how B2B brands can nail influencer marketing.

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During this webinar you'll learn...

  • Why Influencer is important for B2B Marketing
  • Writing an Effective Creative Brief
  • Discovering Influencers
  • Leverage YouTube Keyword Search
  • Repurposing that Content
  • Metrics to Monitor

Meet the Hosts

Jibran Malek

Keynote Speaker

Director of Marketing, Grapevine

Grant Deken

Introducer and Co-Speaker

CEO, Unstack

Chris Cardone


Customer Success Lead, Unstack

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