Zero to a Million Compilation Episode

by Cassandra Highbridge December 22nd, 2021


This week’s episode of the Zero to a Million Podcast with Zach Rego showcases the season's best moments. We featured founders and organization movers who built their companies from the ground up as they shared their biggest wins, losses, and all the lessons they learned in between.



  • Aneela Idnani, Co-Founder of HabitAware
  • Ryan Smith, Head of Partnerships at Emotive
  • Nathan Rothstein, Co-Founder of Project Repat
  • Phillip Rivers, Founder and CEO of Tetra Marketing
  • Melissa Tavss, Founder of Tipsy Scoop
  • Laura and Kelly Moffat, Founders of Kirrin Finch
  • Albert Matheny, CEO at Promix
  • David Roger, Co-Founder & CEO at Felix Gray
  • Gihan Amarasiriwardena, Co-Founder and President of Ministry of Supply
  • Chris Meade, CEO and co-founder of CROSSNET

You can connect with Zero to a Million's amazing guests in the links below:

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