Lesson 1:

Generating Leads

No matter what kind of company you’re in, you probably care about broadcasting the right message and connecting with possible customers. Most marketers think of this as “generating leads”. They do this by offering something of value (oftentimes, a meeting, a guidebook of best practices, or access to something helpful) in exchange for a visitor’s email address. 


But how do you position your offer and generate leads efficiently? Unstack’s landing page templates make it a snap. Plus, if you do some A/B testing on your landing pages, (more on this in the next lesson!) you’ll get valuable feedback about what resonates with your target audience, so that your content continuously improves over time. 

Why Start with a Landing Page

Let’s face it: building (or re-building) your entire website at once can feel daunting. Instead, start with a landing page and then iterate on your work. You’ll find that a landing page takes less planning and feels less intimidating than an entire site. 

Starting with a landing page means you can punt on some questions you’d otherwise need to confront, were you building an entire site. You don’t need to worry about a global header or footer. In fact, by eliminating these, you’ll likely increase conversion on the landing page! You can get started with a landing page before you even think about building your full website.

Even more important, starting with a landing page will let you enjoy the fruits of your labor almost immediately. You can begin generating leads, letting people sign up for a Calendly meeting with you, or exploring your other content. You can even clone and customise a landing page for different verticals, industries, or geographic regions.

calendly landing page

You’ll start driving leads, yes, but you’ll also gain valuable insight about what your audience likes and dislikes. This becomes particularly clear when you A/B test different elements on your landing page, (more on that shortly.) This intel about your audience will help you in many other parts of your business, since it will help you refine the messaging you use every time you engage with customers.

landing page templates

How to Build a Great Landing Page with Unstack

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to build your first landing page with Unstack. We’ll start you off with some templates that offer guidance about what content to include and where. Or you can chart your own course and build your landing page from scratch. Either way, you have full control over the content, formatting, and feel of the page.


As you’re creating your first landing page, spend some time getting to know our toolbar. It’s super powerful and lets you adjust nearly everything on the page to suit your needs. Change the colors on your landing page, swap in a new background image, shuffle sections around...you can do any of these things in seconds. 

At the same time, we’ve tried to build it to be intuitive, so everyone on your team feels comfortable building and publishing pages. If you find you need functionality we don’t currently have, let us know! We always love hearing how our customers want to use Unstack.


And of course, no marketer worth his or her salt could build a landing page without a good CTA (or call to action). Make sure your CTA is as clear and compelling as possible. Tell people exactly what they get if they click on your CTA. And then be sure to show your audience some love and give them something of value when they do take action on your CTA. 

We’ll cover more ground about CTAs and integrations in Lesson 4. In the meantime, you should know that if you use HubSpot or Klaviyo, you can connect them to Unstack. This lets you embed HubSpot and Unstack forms on the page and share contact details with your CRM. 

Start Seeing Value from Your Landing Pages Immediately

Landing pages will deliver value to your team almost immediately. You can use CTAs and forms to start collecting info about your audience and visitors. If you’re running PPC ads, try building clones of your landing page to align with your different visitor segments. If you’re trying to set up phone calls with prospects, add Calendly to your landing page for easier scheduling. You can even create personalized landing pages for a specific person if you’re an agency trying to win a new client or if your team is using an ABM strategy.

So hop on in and start generating leads with a Unstack land landing page. Don’t be shy about getting your new landing page out there into the world! You can drive traffic and start generating leads more quickly than you might imagine.

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