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Google Analytics Integration on Unstack

Adding your Google Analytics integration to Unstack is a snap. To enable this integration, make sure you have the correct account ID. 

Once you have your account ID, log into Unstack and go to your integrations page, paste the full ID in (UA-XXXXXXXXX-X), and click save. You should immediately begin to see GA tracking your website analytics.


Go beyond basic analytics with these extra steps to drive more traffic

Get the most from Google

Build out goals

Set up goal funnels to see how many of your users are making it through your site to an end goal. Then, optimize your leaky bucket to maximize completion rates.

Set up Search Console

Activate your account and add you Unstack Sitemap. Then track which keywords and pages are ranking and driving traffic to your business. 

Optimize Search Console

Once you've collected some data about your rankings on Google Search Console you can optimize them to drive even more rankings and traffic.


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