So many of the most beloved brands have built a powerful marketing machine behind the scenes: one that’s testing and building on everything they’ve done in the past. Lola Travel, for example, makes slow, steady improvements by trying and iterating on new things. Without this machine, companies fall into the pattern of doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. The best teams recognize that they need to be able to pinpoint what’s working and double down on that win.


Think about what your marketing would look like, had you been testing everything along the way. Think about everything you know now; now imagine you’d been able to apply all this knowledge a year ago. How much more progress could you have made?

Here at Unstack, we’re bullish on A/B testing. Having worked with thousands of companies, we’ve seen that the most successful ones continuously ship new experiments and measure their effectiveness. We call this a “create and measure” mentality. This virtuous cycle means they’re always getting smarter about how they position themselves; they’re always honing in on the language and content that’s most appealing to their audience.

Moreover, these successful marketing teams make this mentality a key part of their culture. They know that A/B testing is a muscle that needs to develop. These teams encourage and empower everyone to get involved in the creation of content and test.

This is our goal with Unstack: we want to make it easier for your entire marketing team to get involved. We want our product to enable smarter content creation, easier measurement, and better conversion flow optimization. Our goal with this course is to help you discover all of the tools, features, and approaches that will help you get there. 

digital marketing playbook

Take your time getting to know the platform, and try out each of these features as you work your way through these lessons. Share what you’ve learned with your team. Encourage other people to launch new experiments, so that everyone can develop this “create and measure” mentality. If you want some ideas to get going, take a look at our collection of digital marketing playbooks.

We’re excited about supporting your team’s success, and we hope you enjoy using Unstack! If you run into questions or have feedback for us, give a shout. We love learning from the teams who are using our product day in and day out. Here’s to better, more nimble experimentation and learning!

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