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Best advice for hosting webinars

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Chris here, I run Unstack content and lead the webinar program for our demo webinars, playbooks, expert series, and more coming soon.

After running 3 back-to-back webinars I learned a lot from what I did wrong.

1 - Marketing should start sooner

Major mistake here. We were running webinars weekly so it was hard to really hype one up at a time. The second we sent a tweet out about next week's, this week's was going live in an hour.

So, I learned that spacing for webinars is essential, not only to save your subscriber's inboxes but also to save your sanity and provide the ability to truly promote and prepare for a webinar.

Our new playbook begins 3 whole weeks before the webinar goes live. However, most people wait till 1-3 days before. But, awareness is key, some people will not be ready to commit three weeks out to adding your event to their calendar.

2 - Run through the deck with the host

I was busy, it was easier to collaborate on a Google Slide than jump on Zoom and run through everything. I learned my lesson on that one.

To course correct, we begin the slideshow three weeks before (alike the marketing). At the one-week point, I get on Zoom and run through the entire deck with the expert (for the expert series). This allows for editing and correcting what appears on screen.

Example: we'll cut slides if it prolongs a shorter topic and we'll enhance slides that do not include a key thing the expert wants to talk about.

3 - Never share Zoom links on social

Once more, a hard lesson I won't forget. Although we're a professional business and so are those within our email list, the twitter world is apparently not.

So, we now never share the direct join link outside of the day-of email. This reduces the time for "Zoom-bombing."

4 - Some people just want the recording

This ties into our longer marketing period. Some people will not show up, so growing a larger list of attendees will be key, especially where a large benefit of the expert series is the fact that we offer a live Q&A.

However, to help with this, I added an Add to Calendar link on the confirmation email and it's the main CTA which get's really good click-rates. You can do that for free via AddEvent.com.

That's all for now, more learnings to come, which I'll update this post or later post(s) with. If you've got any tips for me, email: chris@unstack.com, I'm all hears!

Or, follow along: @chriscardone_ & @unstackhq on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!