How to Build a Partner Program

by Jordan Paris in October 21st, 2020

In episode four of Unstack's Zero to a Million podcast, VP of Sales & Marketing Zach Rego talks with Alex Glenn.

Alex founded his first agency Right 2 Revenue in 2006 with the intention of creating full transparency marketing programs to help his clients learn to operate the strategies without him. While this was successful, the unique model of training the clients while executing was too altruistic and not scalable. Eventually, the agency morphed into a directory called, which helped match marketing automation experts to businesses who needed them. In operating this marketplace, Alex discovered how few of these SaaS platforms actually enabled the agency experts to sell services on top of their solutions. This was the genesis of the research which inevitably became is a group of individuals who have come to understand partnerships through experience on both sides and now help agencies align with tech companies to sell services on top of their solutions.

On the episode, Alex shares his experience growing these agency businesses. He talks through why it's strategic to get marketing tools from agencies, how he engages prospective partners, and more!

Connect with Alex: LinkedIn | | Twitter

Listen to the conversation in its entirety on Spotify or Apple today!



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