New marketing workshops and 23+ new features in April

Everyone building Unstack is here because we want to help founders and lean marketing teams build their businesses faster and succeed. We love the spirit of entrepreneurship and trying times like these are often when some of the best companies will be created. Software is one big way we are working to deliver on this mission, but we can do more. One thing we are launching, starting one week from today, are free founder and marketer focused workshops that will give you low cost, actionable ways to keep growing and pushing your business forward, especially in trying times.

We're going to be doing more of these, from content and SEO to smart paid strategies, email marketing, and more. We're getting them up on our new webinars page as quickly as possible. Think of this like a mini-MBA series in digital marketing and strategy. Again, all free (the hustle is sold separately).

In addition to these amazing webinars, we have 23 new features that I want to make sure you know about. These are all aimed at helping you grow your business, and they are in your Unstack account or will be in the coming couple of days.

Customer management:

  • Manually create contacts - you can create new contacts in Unstack and automatically push their data to all of your connected systems (e.g. Hubspot, Mailchimp, Klaviyo)
  • CRM Lite (beta) - Now you can manage and nurture prospects from lead to close in Unstack. This is a beta product but is coming together quickly. Assign lead owners, add notes, create and assign tasks, and track their buyer journey from start to finish. We are using this heavily internally.


  • Source/Campaign level lead insights - Now you can click on a source (e.g. Organic search) and see the specific leads that came from that to connect the dots between the specific leads and your content/marketing efforts.
  • Filter analytics and leads by organic and paid traffic


  • Klaviyo 2.0 - Add your private key to dynamically push Unstack data directly into Klaviyo in real-time.
  • Stripe 1.0 - Enable Stripe to connect your MRR to your marketing analytics and understand customer LTV and revenue analytics
  • Pipedrive (Shipping late April) - Two-way sync customer data to and from Pipedrive CRM
  • Active Campaign (Shipping late April) - Push customer data into your Active campaign account

Design and editing:

  • New header layouts (left, right, center)
  • Add primary/secondary buttons to your header CTA
  • Header padding and sizing (Shipping mid-April)
  • Lead capture sidebar on your blog posts
  • Improved text section type controls
  • Custom code blocks added to blog content
  • Podcast embeds (transistor, soundcloud, buzzsprout)
  • Social sharing default image - When sharing on social, we'll show a selected default image if your page doesn't have one
  • Added color picker in styles to make color selection easy
  • Drag and drop on most elements to make editing easier
  • Default Icons8 to SVGs instead of PNGs
  • PDF support (Shipping late April)
  • Parallax scrolling (Shipping mid-April)
  • Carousel slider components (Shipping late April)


All Unstack content will be 60-80% faster beginning next week with our performance 2.0 updates.


We moved over to Helpscout in Mid-March and we love it. We've launched comprehensive support documentation which can be found at You can also reach out to our team in the app, or email We are here to help.

This is just what we have planned for April.

We are here to help in any way we can. I hope you'll join one of our upcoming webinars or reach out directly if we can be helpful.


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