Setting Up Your DNS to point to Unstack

What is DNS?

DNS controls where your domain “points” it’s responsible for making the website you design in Unstack appear when someone navigates to your domain.

Where can I edit my DNS?

For this, you’ll need access to your domain provider. This is the company in which you purchased the domain name through. It may also be hosted by a 3rd party hosting provider like Cloudflare.

We can help you with this, however, it is best to contact your IT manager.

Getting DNS Setup

Unstack Side of Things

Go to the Unstack Settings page in-app, scroll to DOMAIN and click the selector for the custom domain then type in the domain you’d like. “www.” is automatically a prefix for every domain to ensure it will work properly.

Now that we have the information we need for our DNS host, we’ll move over into the DNS host’s platform.

DNS Host Side of Things

For these examples, we’ll be using the information we got back from submitting the form in settings; it should look like this;

DNS setup changes host-to-host, however, the following tutorial should aid you with navigating your hosting provider’s settings section;

Head to your DNS section in your hosting provider, if you cannot find this Google “editing DNS with [hosting provider name]” and a help doc or blog should appear! If it doesn’t message me 

Add the values in the screenshot above to their respective fields;

Cloudflare Example;

Login then select the domain you’d like to edit. From there, navigate to the DNS section of said domain’s settings.

Once there, click “Add Record”

For the first row on the table pictured in the screenshot, we’ll be using an “A” record. Therefore, we’ll set the type to “A”

As for the name, that will be “@”

For the content/body/value that will be the IP address generated in your table;

Then to do so with CNAMEs since there are two, we’ll add the names to the name field and the values into the field we placed the IP address.

Google Domains Example

Go to your domain settings in Google domains, click DNS, then scroll to “custom resource records.”

For this, we’ll mimic Cloudflare; however, adjust since Google requires one additional field (TTL).

Note, for this example, we have TTL (time to live). I suggest 5M, which equals five minutes; however, 1H (one hour) is the default value.

Your TTL value dictates how long it will take for this update to publish.

DNS may take up to 48 hours to update!

Need help?

Your best resource is your domain host. However, if you’re completely stuck, message us and we’ll help you get on track!

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