A/B Testing and Content Experiments on Unstack

by Grant Deken October 1st, 2019

Always be testing

Great content is increasingly expensive to produce, yet most teams are not really testing their work. When I talk to teams my first question is usually, "how many experiments have you run on your content marketing over the last six months?"

The answer in most cases falls between "only a few" and "none". 

This led us to think about how we could bring better experimentation tools directly into Unstack's content creation experience. In a lot of ways, we wanted to reframe how teams think about optimizing their work.

Unstack's new Content Experiments solution enables marketing teams to rapidly launch A/B tests across marketing sites, landing pages, and blog content without any support from design or engineering teams. Now you can run numerous tests concurrently and winning experiments are automatically published, ensuring that your content continuously improves and outperforms over time.

"Our goal is to make your content and experiences outperform over time through ongoing rapid experimentation that is easy and fun"

We also recognized that performance is relative and varies depending on the campaign, team, and company. We decided to let you set the goals based on what matters most. Out of the box, Unstack allows you to choose from three options: Did the user make it to a specific page, did they convert to a lead, or did a section drive higher click through rates.

AB Testing

Unlimited testing is available in all paid accounts on Unstack and is available immediately for use. You can sign up to launch your first experiment by clicking here.


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