Podcasting Tips For Beginners: How To Get Started With A Podcast The Easy Way

by Christopher Jan Benitez
Podcasting Tips For Beginners: How To Get Started With A Podcast The Easy Way

Want to gear up for your first-ever podcast? After all, podcasting can give you a new audience and give you an edge over the competition.

Well, the good news is, it’s possible. But here comes some bad news: You don’t know how to begin.

Lucky you, though, because you can turn the bad news into news that you want to hear.

In this article, you’ll learn the basics of podcasting. This way, you'll know everything about how to set up your podcast.

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What Do You Need to Start a Podcast?

The benefits of podcasting can do wonders for your brand. It can increase awareness and improve engagement (among a bounty of plus sides).

These are just like the benefits that voice search marketing can give you, aren’t they? And just like voice search marketing, podcasting is also a great way to leverage audio content and voice search to promote your brand!

You don't need a lot to start your podcast. It would be best if you were willing to hustle.

So here’s what you need:

Podcast Topic

Jot down about ten podcast topics. These should be topics that you're confident to discuss extensively. So while you can decide on any topic you like, it's best to stick to the ones that you're familiar with.

The best idea is to choose a niche. Then come up with relevant subtopics under that category.

Name and Subtitle

What you name your podcast is your call. But if you want it to be a hit, you might want to keep these tips in mind.

  • Use brand name - It’d be a wise choice especially if you’re in the process of establishing a brand.
  • Be descriptive - Are you focusing on a niche? If so, consider forming your podcast’s name around it.
  • Keep it short - A lengthy name can be challenging to recall.

And while you’re at it, add a subtitle. It’ll help potential listeners understand what your podcast is about and why they should tune in.

Podcast Mic

Get a microphone that can help you deliver your podcast’s message effectively. This choice depends on the specific set up you’re aiming for.

Let's say your podcast is going to cover conversations between you and another person. So the mic you should get is one with multiple condenser capsules.

This way, you can easily set it up on a table between you and another person and have it help you guys deliver your messages loud and clear.

Recording Software

It’s time to plug your mic to a program that will help you begin recording your podcast. Fortunately, there are lots of recording software that you can easily download.

Here’s a list of the best recording software:

  • ACID Xpress - Beginners like it for its simplicity. But it’s also a multi-track editor that can clean up your podcast.
  • Camtasia - It’s a popular screencasting tool that you can also use to record audio. 
  • Auphonic - It’s a mobile app that works as an audio recorder. One of its unique features is that it allows you to measure the noise in your recording so you can make any necessary changes.


With a mic and recording software, you can start recording. But before you do, you need to prepare your podcast’s intro music.

It's essential to include this because it adds excitement to your show. Not a lot of people will want to tune in to your podcast if they're bored within the first few seconds.

Recording a Podcast

Now that you have your mic, recording software, and music ready, you’re good to go. It’s time to record your podcast. This stage could be effortless because it’s just like you’re talking to your friends. And you’re giving them all the right information about a topic.

Don’t forget to create a plan. And have a list of relevant sub-topics you want to cover from start to finish.

And as you do that, keep these things in mind:

  • Speak slowly and clearly - Remember, your listeners should understand your message. If you speak like you’re in a hurry, you might not be able to pull it off.
  • Don’t go off-topic - It's possible to start covering unrelated topics, especially if you dip your toe in a field you feel passionate about. But stick to your plan.
  • Get personal - Share personal and relatable stories. Doing so lets you connect with your listeners on a deeper level.

And remember to finalize your recording. As you edit your first podcast, don't get discouraged if you find it challenging. It's how it is. But once you get a handle on it when you edit your next recordings, you'll realize it becomes easier.

Promoting a Podcast  

Next up is to put your masterpiece out there. Waiting for people to discover it isn't a smart idea randomly. If you do that, there's a chance that you'll end up waiting forever.

Don’t forget, recording a podcast is just one part of the picture. Having listeners who will check it out is another.

Go ahead and be proud of it because what you have in your hands is a gold mine. After all, a podcast remains as one of the content marketing trends that brands must watch out for.

To begin, upload your podcast to a hosting platform that allows you to embed it in your blog post easily. Bandcamp and SoundCloud are some examples of these sites.

And once it’s up and running on your blog, share it to the people in your network. Then you can ask them to share it with their friends and family, as well. But if your podcast is of A+ quality, you don’t need to ask other people to help you promote it. If they like it, they’ll willingly share it!


You see, starting your podcast is not only doable, but it's also actually not that hard to do.

All you need is to invest time in it and buy the necessary equipment. Once you're familiar with the basics, commit to doing your best from then on.

Don’t worry too much about going into this as a beginner. If you're willing to learn — and master — the ropes as you go, success is in your cards. And if you want to take your marketing efforts to the next level, that's the way to go.

And speaking of taking your marketing efforts up a notch, you should look into user-generated content marketing, too. Just like podcasting, it also doesn’t require unreasonable investment from you. And it also raises brand awareness and engagement levels!


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