Using In-App Notifications for Product-Led Growth and Lower Churn

by Carter Deken January 13th, 2021

This week, VP of Sales and Marketing Zach Rego talks with Brett McHale, co-founder of Ucentric.

Brett shares with us his background and how he and his company Ucentric solve problems and challenges that SAAS companies face when going through product-led growth to upselling free trials, engaging with customers, and getting adoption on features.

Brett McHale started his professional career in 2014 as a marketing intern at a Boston-based WordStream, a SaaS platform that helps businesses manage online advertising. Brett took advantage of working on the small team, and he started picking up paid Twitter & Facebook ads and other opportunities, which allowed him to eventually start managing all of the paid media channels.

After WordStream, McHale started consulting on paid marketing for SaaS businesses. Brett quickly realized that, although these SAAS/B2B companies are different, they all run into the same conflict: They all someway or another run into this disconnect between marketing, sales, and the product team. That's why he founded Ucentric with Drake McCabe in 2018.

Brett & Drake realized that In-app notifications are important to stay connected to your customer to reduce churn. You can help to provide what you believeĀ is the best experience to onboard customers.

Listen to the episode for the whole conversation. For more tips for starting and launching your business, be sure to subscribe to the podcast on Apple or Spotify today!

Connect with Brett Mchale on Twitter, and LinkedIn. Check out the Ucentric website & follow them on Twitter.



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