How to Scale Your Business Through AutomationĀ 

by Carter Deken in January 19th, 2021

This week, VP of Sales and Marketing Zach Rego talks with Bryan Golkhajeh, Co-Founder ofĀ Workload.

Bryan shares how his experience in digital marketing inspired him to launch Workload, an automation solution and consulting company.

While working in digital marketing, Bryan realized that the setup and launch of paid ads was highly time consuming, and that most of it could be managed with automation. Before Bryan had a product ready to sell, he was experimented with different solutions, including a Slackbot that you could chat with to pull in data views from company repositories.

Bryan shares how this trial and error led to Workload, and and he talks with Zach about how to build a business from an idea, how to pivot your offering when a product doesn't sell, how to optimize the customer journey with automation, and much more!

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Connect with Bryan Golkhajeh onĀ Twitter, andĀ LinkedIn. Check out theĀ Workload website.

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