September Product Release Roll-up

by Chris Cardone in September 22nd, 2020

During the month of September we've released a lot of incredible updates to improve your overall experience with Unstack. Here's the run down of what's new.

Featured image added to pages/landing pages (All plans)

Rather than setting one social-share image within the elements manager and having it be reused for all pages, you can now set the featured (social share) image page-by-page within page settings.

Featured image added to pages/landing pages

Add carousel functionality to Text, Media, Callouts, Logos, and Quotes components

Now you can convert any text, media, callout, logo, or quote section into a carousel component, enabling slideshow functionality.

Add carousel functionality

Control border radius on callout images

Especially for team pages, rounding images is increasingly important, we've now removed the need to add custom code and enabled it so you can directly apply a border-radius which will then round the images within that callout component.

Control border radius on callout images

Add scrolling to smart links drop down to see all results

Using the smart linking feature, you can now scroll through the relevant options rather than being limited to those on the screen.

dd scrolling to smart links drop down

Improvements to table sorting and blog pagination

Allowing for users to sort through blogs by dates, tags, and more. Additional, fixing up pagination.

Fixed author pages pagination bug

We've fixed pagination for author pages enabling authors with large amounts of content to now have pages on their author page to improve load speed.

Multi-site Support

Logging into different sites has never been easier with Unstack's agency-ready multi-site authentication.

(Interested in becoming an Agency Partner? Contact us here.)

Multi-site support

Dedicated meta keywords field in page/article settings

Meta tags are critical in the game of SEO, so we've introduced the ability to custom set meta keywords, titles, descriptions, and a featured image on a item-by-item basis for: pages, articles, and landing pages.

Text logo generation for sites without logos

Good logos are cool, however, sometimes no logo is all you have. So, we've introduced automatic text-logo generation which will append a text-based logo into your header so your site is ready-to-go.

Tags for article content and dynamically generated tag pages

Tags for organizing blogs are a great tool which will enable you to share specific sub-categories of blogs with users. Allowing you to also create dynamic index pages.

Download your contacts (All paid plans)

Now, for all paid plans you can go into your settings and download all contacts within your Unstack CRM

Fresh paint integration (Lite and higher)

We have now added FreshPaint JavaScript to the integrations library, enabling customers to with just one click track how site visitors are engaging on their Unstack site.

New "live, draft, A/B test" status filters on pages/landers (All plans)

Ability to now filter between "Live", "Draft", and "A/B Testing" on the index page for landing pages and marketing pages.

Improved tracking and GA support on AMP pages (Full+)

AMP Pages within Unstack which are available on the Full+ plan now come with Google Analytics tracking so you can not only have lightning-fast mobile-first pages, but also, track those mobile visits.

Improved form security on free plans

To ensure the security of those accessing Unstack sites we've removed the ability to add form fields asking for credit cards, passwords, account numbers, and other risky information which should not be transmitted through a marketing site.

Improvements to domain validation logic

Specific to the custom domain connection process we've improved domain validation to ensure the domain we generate DNS records for is valid and good-to-go.

Added published date to blog articles table

Now you can manage your content calendar by sorting through publish dates to see what's upcoming, today, and has passed all in order of the publication date.

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