Strategies to find and pitch your products to investors

by Carter Deken in June 2nd, 2021

This week, VP of Sales and Marketing Zach Rego talks with Allison Byers, Founder & CEO of Scroobious about the best strategies to find and pitch your products to Investors. You can listen on  Apple or Spotify now.

Allison's background includes management consulting, and advising Google on strategies and marketing. She's more recently been focused on data driven startups.

After working hard to raise $10 million in funds at her previous company, she realized how inefficient the process of funding really is. This sparked the vision of the new innovative company called Scroobious. The vision involves helping to connect early stage diverse founders, investors, and resource partners and using data to find insights in the private markets.

In the companies current stage, the focus is primarily on helping founders efficiently create investor ready, high-level pitch decks.

In this episode, Allison goes in depth on how these pitch decks are made, and adaptations you need to make to really sell your vision to investors.

Listen to the podcast to find out more about Allison's journey and even more knowledge and strategy. For more tips for starting and launching your business, be sure to subscribe to the podcast on Apple or Spotify today.

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