How to Manage Facebook Ads with Changes to iOS14

This week’s episode of the Zero to a Million Podcast with Zach Rego features Antoine Gagné, Founder & CEO at J7 Media. The release of iOS14 brought a massive change to the effectiveness of Facebook ads. 

By prompting users to opt out of data tracking, CPM numbers began to reflect inaccuracies which have severely affected companies depending on Facebook ads as their main line of business. This change brought to the forefront the necessity of integrating other channels to ensure profitability. 

Companies can also deploy creative ways to warm up audiences to them prior to Black Friday. This is now necessary to keep up with the new algorithm changes within Facebook because of iOS14. Antoine suggests investing in email databases and creating VIP lists.  

To fully maximize the effect of video as an advertising medium, merchants can first use a test video shot on an iPhone as a proof of concept before investing huge amounts of money on succeeding iterations.

You can connect with Antoine in the link below.

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01:51 iOS14 opt out and greater mobility post-COVID dropped online shopping rates 

05:37 CPM reflected inaccurate numbers, requiring companies to use other channels

11:26 Strategies for companies to ensure profitability outside of Facebook ads

16:24 Preparing for holiday sales with Facebook after iOS14

20:48 Focusing not on the data lost but the data retained within Facebook

23:17 Maximize returns on video advertisements by creating test videos first

28:23 Strategy for urgency: Honest in your message based on historical data

30:29 Connect with Antoine

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09:15 "For a lot of companies at that specific moment, you need to explain to them, if you're only relying on Facebook ads to run your company, it's not sustainable. You need to be sure you have a big email list, an organic strategy, making sure that you're able to acquire customers on different channels."

14:40 "If you're not spending enough time and enough money to build a real brand, I do think you could be in trouble in a couple of months, couple of years, because not it will be that easy anymore to just launch a business and then hope that you have a good funnel in Facebook and that's it."

18:49 "Most of the time, 50% of the budget and sometimes even more will be spent between November 1st and November 26. So we warm up our audiences there. And what we do at this specific period of time, we spend on acquiring emails, creating what we call VIP lists."

21:47 "The concept is you need to warm up your audience before the big day and, after that, you need to retarget these people but you're going to lose signals because of iOS14 so make sure that the audiences that you're building are built inside the Facebook platform."

25:37 "The first video is done with an iPhone. As simple as that. Because with an iPhone, the video that will be created, we can test it in 24 hours and see if the concept is good. And if the concept is good, we go to another step and then we improve the quality of the production."

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