Creating an Effective PR Strategy for Your eCommerce Brand with Tyler Sickmeyer

by Cassandra Highbridge January 26th, 2022


This week’s episode of the Zero to a Million Podcast with Zach Rego features Tyler Sickmeyer, CEO of Fidelitas Development. Networking is key in PR, and nurturing the relationships with journalists and editors, gift wrapping everything for them so their job is as smooth as possible, is Tyler's secret sauce in getting his clients the exposure that they need to grow. 

By mixing the strengths of PR and SEO, Tyler is able to generate genuine interest when they release something on the wire and disavow bad links on the same day. This is another differentiating factor of their strategy by ensuring that their clients do not get penalized by Google. 



  • A different PR strategy based on personalization and trust
  • Be prepared and thorough when pitching to journalists 
  • Choosing the right clients with or without media training 
  • PR and SEO: A unique offering that anticipates bad links 


Tyler: "It all comes down to building relationships and building trust with producers, with journalists, with editors on why we're going to bring value time and time again...Once we bring them one or two quality guests and quality appearances, they trust us and they're more willing to take a chance on a third or fourth."

Tyler: "This is part of our secret sauce, Zach, is taking time to be timely and be thorough and to be comprehensive in our responses and to get those back to the journalist in a timely fashion. Or the producer, whomever. So, that way, we're making their job as easy as possible and we're setting them up for success."

Tyler: "Number one, first and foremost, make sure that you have your house in order. And then, number two, make sure that your entire team is briefed on the strategy and is ready to take advantage of it."

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